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After many years, I'm going back to the interesting QRP activity.
This includes developing, making  receivers, transmitters, new technologies in the SDR technique.

And So ON So....

Some Projects

A few years ago I came across the development of M0NKA.
It's a SDR transceiver like QRP self-running without PC help.
Due to my advanced age and already weakened vision (73 years), I decided I might not be able to do it ...
But I still managed to collect it - I think the result is not bad ...
The video can hear the result:


Then I decided to merge it with another my old project: DDS on AD9851.
This has resulted in a second VFO, which can be used for a second receiver or a transceiver ...
This is how it looks and how it is heard during a contest.
*** The noise that penetrates is of a nearby refrigerator, which at the time of the recording is switched on.
The recording is through the camera microphone ...


And another record:

Some Projects